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Solid Raised Panel Doors

SRP Door is the outcome of ongoing extensive R & D at GIC aimed at developing superior products and eliminating the drawbacks in conventional products as per information through constant process of customer interaction and feedback.

SRP Door is an indigeneously made substitute to the Molded Panel Door. The latter essentially has 30 – 35% of surface area as hollow inside (beneath the taper/raised panel profile portions)

and the market feedback suggests that occassionally the end users have expressed reservations and / or harboured the apprehensions on the suitability of Molded Doors in Indian conditions owing to this unavoidable feature.

Our R & D team has developed a solution to this by way of an alternate substitute which is rightfully christened thus:

Full Solid Raised Panel Profile Panel Door (SRP Door)

Raised Panel profiling in doors has been hitherto available by way of

Either - Molded Panel doors using imported door skins
Or      - Teak wood Panel doors in raised panels.

Vis-a-vis these options, the SRP door introduced by us has alround superior features namely:

  • available in any sizes upto 8’ x 4’ (2440 mm x 1220 mm) as compared to the limitation with Molded doors which can be available only in size of door skins imported
  • is completely indegineous
  • is full solid Door
  • is factory made to exact precision and dimensions.
  • is provided with external lipping for long term durability and fortification against edge defect development.
  • can be tested for Performance under IS: 4020, 2202, 303
  • is economically priced
  • is available in a variety of designs.
  • can be painted or polished.
  • is available in teak or commercial veneer finish.
  • is made available against order in exact sizes/design as requisitioned by the buyer.
  • can be offered in all the designs as available in Molded Panel door category.