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Today Kitchen has become a concept and not just a place to cook food. The concept should be adapted to suit people, culture, space, material, design and requirements which change from place to place. Today’s Kitchens highlight the functionality, design and comfort.

The name'Modular Kitchen' is suddenly in common usage. But what is this Modular Kitchen?

Modular Kitchen implies that it is made up of 'stand alone cabinets' which act as 'modules'. It also implies that the kitchen can be assembled and disassembled easily with the use of basic tools such as a screw driver and spanner. Sawing,cutting and sizing while assembling have no place in truly Modular Kitchens. It also means that it has it has minimum plumbing and masonry work, the platform is "laid on" and not "embedded into the wall" or to the cabinets.

Modular Kitchens are friendlier to machine production rather then fabrication at site. Cabinets can be made of different materials and accessories fitted in. But the cabinets have to be stand alone for the kitchen to be called modular. Kitchen with common cabinet wall or kitchens built under the granite platform with stone supports are nor truly modular; they are at best semi modular.

“Goyaal Industrial Corporation” a name in plywood trade for four decades, now offers world class Modular Kitchens which reflect a unique blend of durability, comfort in use and ethnic beauty.

The “ROSHAN” brand of Modular Kitchens offer the flexibility of varying budgets, quality, engineering and materials to suit individual tastes.

Easy to install, these can be customized for available space to optimize on space utilization. “ROSHAN” Modular Kitchens come with the unique feature of being flexible to be assembled/de-assembled conveniently by the user (and hence good in shifting events) and provide a “screw-less” view even in the cabinets.

“ROSHAN” Modular Kitchens reflect quality material fabricated using ISI marked BWP Marine grade plyboards and/or other optional materials. Solid wood kitchen has got its own beauty and richness. Seasoned timber is used and processed in the accurate and versatile wood working machines to give the best of finishes.

The “ROSHAN” Modular Kitchen range comprises:

- Turnkey:

Providing complete kitchen with cabinets, shutters, hardwares and steel accessories (sizes are taken at site by our personnel or provided by client as per our requirement), then design/estimate options are made available to the client and the modular kitchen is made as per the approved design and delivered at site to be assembled/installed thereat.

Cabinet provision: Inner cabinets can be provided as per size/design requisitioned by the buyer; these could be made out of:

  • BWP marine plybaords
  • Solid wood
  • Prelaminated Particle Boards.

Kitchen Cabinet Shutters: Wide range of kitchen cabinet shutters can be supplied against customized indents out of our wide range, in the following categories:

  • Solid wood in various species – Burma Teak, Rubber, African Teak, Mango etc.
  • Ply-Boards – Mica laminated
  • Post forming boards
  • Membrane shutters
  • Finger jointed wood
  • Prelaminated Particle Boards.

Stainless Steel Accessories can be supplied, like sink, drawers, pull outs, baskets, tray etc. and hardwares as per buyer’s specifications and requirements.

Sample Designing with Floor Plans, Elevations and 3D spectrums customized for you Kitchen space