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This is an evolution in doors that lets you upgrade the looks of your home better than you ever thought you could before.

This range comprises of panel doors (solid timber) or molded panel doors with decorative glass panels of varying shapes and designs. Not only the glass used/usable is extraordinarily crafted but the timber work is also minutely and meticulously designed and supervised so that the two appear compatible.

Doors can be supplied with a glazing cassette. This allows site glazing by the customer according to his/her choice. Alternatively doors can be supplied preglazed. In such cases the glazing can be done with toughened obscure or clear safety or beveled/etched glass accents.

The more extravagantly decorative door uses stain glass in leaded designs and individually handcrafted carvings. These can be made to the exact requirements or chosen specifications of the customer as per order. With this door range your imagination is the limit. You can choose from our vast array of styles and architecturally inspired designs which offer richness, warmth and quality.

We constantly introduce new and imaginative styles and designs to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

The illustrations here are a few items of our selected inventory in the Glass Panel Door collection.

By exercising meticulous care at each step of production, we can ensure our customers of consistent high quality reflecting careful selection of raw materials to the painstaking machining and assembly of various components.

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