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The Seasoning Capacity is 15,000 cft of timber per month by kiln seasoning method [overhead Internal Fan System] - steamfed six numbers of seasoning chambers constructed as per the design provided by Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India.


ASCU Chemical Pressure Impregnation Treatment Plant for treatment of timber with required chemicals to provide long lasting resistance against termites, borers and natural decaying tendencies.

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In house saw mill with all processes conducted in full vertical integration from "sawing" right upto the finished product comprising the saw mill , the seasoning chambers, treatment section, filling section, assembly section, drying section, glue department, pressing, joinery and finishing duly supported with a fully functional in-house laboratory.


Products approved in all Government departments all over India namely DDA, EPIL, CIDCO, CPWD, State PWD's, State Housing Products, Railways, Air Port Authorities, Rail Coach Factory, State Electricity Boards, IRWO, LIC, Hospital Consultancy, CGEWHO, AWHO, M.E.S., EIL, MAP etc. Materials in large quantities have been supplied directly or through contractors to such organisations to their entire satisfaction.


The firm has been exporting its products also. Exports of doors and various other wooden items were made to Middle East Gulf countries, parts of Europe and neighbouring countries of Nepal and others.


Flush Doors, Block Boards and Plywood offered by the firm are also entitled to certification as ISI marked under the respective codes of Bureau of Indian Standards namely IS:2202, IS:1659 and IS:303


With course of time and keeping pace with the developments in the economic milieu, the firm has introduced eco-friendly products as well which include doors made out of (scientifically upgraded) plantation timbers which provide years of durable service thus calling for lesser/fewer replacements. These include Molded Panel Doors, Placrol Spiral Doors, LVL Doors, and MDF panelled doors.


GIC offers a comprehensive product range in wood under one roof and being endowed with the flexibility to develop any item made of timber (customized to buyers’ requirements) has become a “Total Wood Solutions Enterprise”.

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